Weight Loss Smoothies

Smoothie Recipes for Weight loss

Weight loss smoothies are for people who want to enjoy the benefits, convenience, taste and texture of a quick and delicious smoothie, but want that smoothie working for their weight loss goals instead of against them, or having no impact.

The key to making them and using them successfully is to have the right kinds of recipes for your particular way of eating.

In other words, have a GOOD PLAN! Don't just expect to drink a smoothie or two a day and see magic happen. You need to eat enough nutritious foods for health and hormone balance. The smoothies may play a role, but will not be enough on their own to offer a sustainable, long-term way of eating. You MUST prioritize your health.

Weight loss smoothies are for people who want to enjoy the benefits, convenience, taste and texture of a quick and delicious smoothie, but want that smoothie working for their weight loss goals...

Smoothies for Weight Loss

What are weight loss smoothies?

Weight loss smoothies are either smoothies that you can:

  • make at home or that you can 
  • buy and have delivered to you or 
  • smoothie mixes that you can get from companies online. 

A weight loss smoothie can be a:

  • light meal or side, or 
  • dessert or 
  • snack in a glass. 

Some people make their smoothies in a bowl, and eat them with a spoon.

Which milk is best for weight loss?

Almond milk is my current favorite for weight loss smoothies. It is both low in carbohydrates and low in fat, so it is very versatile. It can be expensive to buy almond milk, and store bought versions often contain undesirable added ingredients.

My very favorite for cost, quality, texture and flavor is homemade Vitamix almond milk.

Tips for Making Coconut Milk Smoothies for Weight Loss:

Coconut Milk Smoothie for Weight Loss

Homemade Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Here are some great homemade smoothie recipes to try:

And there are dozens more smoothie recipes through these links:

Where can you drink a weight loss smoothie?

You can drink them anywhere that food or beverages are allowed. I like to drink them at home, but you can put them in a jar with a special lid and drink them on the go. 

The jars, lids and straws in the pics below are what I use for smoothies and for spa water, as shown here.

(I like how cute these paper straws look, but they get a little soggy after about an hour, so you might want to get a more sturdy kind of straw, perhaps silicone straws, for leaving the house for a few hours.)

  • When you bring a smoothie with you, it’s a great way to plan to have a late breakfast or pack a lunch.
  • If you practice intermittent fasting, bringing it can help control the time you eat. It’s great that you can just carry it with you, that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • And if you add frozen ingredients like berries or ice cubes, those can help keep it cool and fresh as they melt, so you won’t need a separate cooler or ice pack.

Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss?

Yes, plus a lot more options!

When would you want to have a weight loss smoothie?

When you’re trying to lose weight, of course!

Regarding what time of day is best for a smoothie, you could:

  • have a weight loss breakfast smoothie in the morning, 
  • have a weight loss smoothie for lunch, 
  • have one as a morning snack, 
  • have one as an afternoon snack
  • have one as a dinner/meal replacement smoothie,
  • or have one as a bedtime snack.

Though I recommend–if you’re serious about health, weight loss, and improving your sleep–that you don't eat any foods for the last 2-3 hours before you go to bed.

It’s good to let your body have time to digest before sleep, so it can use its energy overnight to do other needed repairs to your body while you are sleeping.

If you do start to fast the last couple hours of your day, you may notice an improvement in the quality of your sleep.

We use our Vitamix Explorian E320 Blender every day, often multiple times per day. It is a wonderful blender for smoothie making. The tamper is a terrific feature of the Vitamix.

Also shown in this picture are some glass jars we use as canisters. I really like using glass as much as possible for food storage, instead of plastic.

Plastics often contain metabolic disruptors, which not only are a potential health danger, but may cause your body to hold on to extra weight.

Delicious Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Why would you want to drink weight loss smoothies?

Weight loss smoothies can offer a delicious way to get nutrients–often low carb fruits and vegetables–in a quick and convenient meal.

A good smoothie recipe can sometimes mask the flavor of foods with nutrients you want, making them taste sweet and delicious instead of bitter or sour. But I strongly advise that you avoid such foods, for the most part.

I'll tell you why below, but first I want to share some delicious smoothie recipes you can use for weight loss.

Low Carb Smoothies:

Bitter Taste Identifies Poisons in Foods

From what I’ve been learning from Dr. Garret Smith, who has been my doctor since 2019, you really want to avoid foods that are bitter in their natural state.

(Dr. Smith has helped me tremendously with my health, and he constantly offers up the links to all the research on which he bases his opinions, which I really appreciate. In other words, he respects his patients' intelligence.)

Bitter foods may slow down the body’s natural detoxification processes, or clog the detox pathways.

Some substances in bitter foods may actually harm the thyroid.

They may also contribute to liver cholestasis, which is a silent problem for many people, often until it may become too late.

According to Paul Breslin, a Monell sensory scientist:

"The findings show that our taste receptors are capable of detecting toxins in the natural setting of the fruit and vegetable plant matrix..."

Here's an article from the American Association for the Advancement of Science that explains more about this, Bitter Taste Identifies Poisons in Foods.)

So, when choosing your smoothie ingredients, go with the foods that are already neutral to sweet tasting.

Definitely not bitter!

Best Weight Loss Smoothies

Smoothies to Lose Weight and Help You Feel Satisfied

Other reasons to drink smoothies for weight loss? To give yourself more of a sense of feeling dull, feeling satisfied after eating. If you’re making a change in your diet and you’re used to a lot of solid foods, the volume of the smoothie might help you feel more satisfied.

You could also eat higher carb smoothies on some weight loss plans, like Trim Healthy Mama, for instance. It just depends on how it fits in with your overall weight loss plan.

Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes

If you’re on a plan like Trim Healthy Mama, there definitely is a place for higher carb smoothies, believe it or not, which would fall into their “E” or “Energizing” food category.

If you’re on The Metabolism Coach’s Jumpstart, Transition or Unleashed program, there are times when Kalli, the metabolism coach, allows a higher carb smoothie, (but not on the entire program).

Other reasons why you might want to have weight loss smoothies–they’re just enjoyable. If you’re on an eating plan to lose weight, a diet, if some of the foods are new to you, maybe you haven’t acquired a taste for them yet–you don’t like the foods, in other words–having a smoothie is a way to feel like you’re having a treat, a nice reward for yourself.

Some smoothies can help you, by using certain ingredients, to curb your particular cravings.

The metabolism coach’s jumpstart smoothies are designed to do this.

Smoothies made at home can be a very quick convenient and easy way to get the nutrients you need and the pleasure that you want from your meal.

If you can find a pre-made smoothie mix or drink that meets your dietary needs and goals then some of those might be an even quicker way to have a very convenient meal. I do think you need to be careful–you want to avoid denature proteins (which are found in many brands of protein powders) and metabolic disruptors as well as hormone disruptors. A lot of the pre-made drinks can have pitfalls with them. I don’t use them, if I find one I like I will let you know. At this point I don’t know of any I could wholeheartedly endorse.

Also, you want to avoid fortified smoothie mixes, especially ones that have added Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, etc. (LINK TO DR SMITH’s’ work here). Research shows that contrary to popular opinion (conventional wisdom), these vitamins may actually cause long-term damage to your liver and thus your health.

How to Have Weight Loss Smoothies

I like to use recipes that contain the kinds of foods that will help me meet my goals and also taste good. (I will link to smoothies on my website that I think are good for weight loss).

Low Glycemic Smoothies for Weight Loss

I tend to make low-carb, low-glycemic smoothies for weight loss, but occasionally will have a higher carb smoothie depending on the context. Depending on what plan I’m using, I may occasionally make a higher car smoothie.

What might work well as a weight loss smoothie on one eating plan might cause problems on another diet. You need to know that just getting a collection of weight loss smoothie recipes and eating or drinking them every day is NOT going to magically cause weight to disappear. You need to have a bigger plan with enough structure that it helps you meet the requirements of the program that you’re using. 

Low Fat Smoothies for Weight Loss

So, for instance, some people find that a conventional program like Weight Watchers (now called "WW") might work for them. If it does, then you need to know which version of Weight Watchers you're on and how the ingredients in your smoothie either fit in or need to be tweaked or adjusted to fit that plan.

Same with Trim Healthy Mama. If you are on the THM plan, then you need to know how your smoothies will fit in with their guidelines.

If you are on one of The Metabolism Coach’s plans which include Jumpstart, Transition, and Unleashed, (and within Unleashed there is Reset, Restore and Unlock days) you need to know when you can have which type of smoothies to best fit the program.

Keto Smoothies

On the keto diet you obviously want smoothies that are lower carb, and maybe have a little more fat, unless you're getting your fat from another food in your meal.

Low Carb Smoothies

If you’re on a regular low-carb diet, your smoothies just need to be low-carb and don't necessarily need to be high fat.

Weight Loss Smoothie

Best Weight Loss Smoothies

There are obviously many diet plans and ways of eating out there. Find the one that best suits you, or create one for yourself.

But be sure to have an overall, nutritious, plan! Don't just starve yourself and drink a couple smoothies each day. That is not going to help your health.

The best weight loss smoothies will help you meet your daily nutritional requirements, taste good, be easy to make, help you feel satisfied, and set you up for long-term success.

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