Healing Patiently 

Healing Patiently is a wonderful new ebook by Chloe Breczinski, of the blog How We Flourish, about some of the most helpful things she has learned since she began her journey on the GAPS Diet.

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I was happy that she agreed to let me interview her, and hope you enjoy learning more about the GAPS Diet and Chloe’s new ebook through this interview.

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Why did you write Healing Patiently?

Your new ebook, Healing Patiently, is terrific, Chloe! I really enjoyed reading it, found it very encouraging and motivating. I’m eager to learn more about it from you!

Q. A good portion of the Healing Patiently concerns mindset, which I think is really important on GAPS. How did you decide to write about this?

A. When I first started on the GAPS Diet, I was surprised by how few resources were available. I prepared myself by reading all the books and blogs I could get my hands on, but I found myself completely unprepared for the emotional side of being on GAPS for an extended period of time. I became friends with many other women who, like me, needed to take GAPS Intro much more slowly that the one month period that so many people take. All we had was what we learned through each other. I wanted to provide a permanent resource that helps people emotionally handle setbacks and a long term restrictive healing protocol.

In my interview with Chloe Breczinski, author of the new ebook "Healing Patiently," learn six surprises her family and my family encountered on the GAPS Diet!

What is "Batch Cooking?" How does it help on the GAPS Diet?

Q. You also have a lot of helpful advice and recipes that focus on batch cooking. For those who haven’t read Healing Patiently yet, can you explain a little about what batch cooking is, and why you found it so helpful as you started your GAPS Diet experience?

A. Batch cooking is making large batches of recipes to save for later. About once a week, I will make huge pots of a few different soups, and then these will feed me for the rest of the week. This is so helpful with any sort of real food diet. Instead of having to prepare all of my meals from scratch every day, I simple grab a serving of soup out of the refrigerator or the freezer and heat it up. At the beginning of GAPS, when my mind and body were adjusting to such a huge lifestyle change, having these meals already prepared kept me on the diet when I had no desire to cook.

GAPS Diet Myths

Q. What is one of the biggest myths, in your opinion, about the GAPS Diet?

A. That it is all soups. There is a huge focus on broth and well cooked vegetables, and eating these as soups is the easiest. Even though I am on Full GAPS, I still eat soup once or twice a day because soup is easy to batch cook! But as early as the third stage, pancakes and scrambled eggs can be added in. Even in the earlier stages, “deconstructed soup” is an option - meat and vegetables on a plate with a mug of broth on the side.

In my interview with Chloe Breczinski, author of the new ebook "Healing Patiently," learn six surprises her family and my family encountered on the GAPS Diet!

GAPS Diet Mistakes

Q. What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when on GAPS?

A. Moving too fast. Some people can breeze through GAPS, and GAPS Intro is amazing for helping to heal the body. But I have seen way too many people blow through the stages of Intro. Then they continue to have problems because they added in food too quickly to detect a delayed reaction to something. Often they have to go back through Intro to solve this, which makes everything harder emotionally. Moving through slowly the first time will reduce the changes of this happening.

One thing you wish you had known...

Q. What is one thing you know now, that you wish you knew before starting the GAPS Diet?

A. Things aren’t going to be perfect all the time. You might feel great one week, and then kinda run down the next. You may have perfect digestion for a month, and then be constipated for a week for no obvious reason. Sometimes this will be related to a food reaction. But sometimes it is just a cycle in your body’s healing, and that is okay.

In my interview with Chloe Breczinski, author of the new ebook "Healing Patiently," learn six surprises her family and my family encountered on the GAPS Diet!

GAPS Diet Surprises

Q. Our family had a few surprises when we started the GAPS Diet. Like seeing children’s palate change, they actually began to like more high quality foods, even ones they used to hate. Also, I saw some of my children who were struggling with learning, (learning to read, specifically), break through to new higher levels in a short time. Have you had any good surprises on GAPS? If so, please tell me about them!

A. Definitely! Within three days of my husband beginning GAPS, all of the brain fog he had been dealing with for months was gone. Within three weeks, I went from unable to get off the couch to working part time. We didn’t expect it to work so well, so quickly! Also, due to a sensitivity to sugar, I completely cut out added sugar for 6 months. When I added honey back in, I was amazed by how much my tastes had changed. I barely needed any, and actually found that most foods I tried were way too sweet for me. GAPS has definitely altered what my tastes and body want for food.

Stress Relief through Meditation

Q. In a section of the book addressing stress reduction, you recommend meditation. I personally love to meditate on scripture verses, and have found that extremely helpful to help me relax. Have you ever tried this type of meditation? What do you think about it?

A. No, I haven’t. I often struggle with meditation, but it is something that I have been starting to incorporate more. It is often centered around prayer for me. I’m sure that meditation on scripture verses would be an amazing tool for people to have.

In my interview with Chloe Breczinski, author of the new ebook "Healing Patiently," learn six surprises her family and my family encountered on the GAPS Diet!

Anything else you'd like to say?

Q. Thanks so much, Chloe, for writing this valuable ebook! And for taking the time to answer my questions. I know I will be referring to it next time we go on GAPS Intro, which we plan to do again soon. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about Healing Patiently?

A. You’re welcome! Thank you so much for having me. I want people to know that even though Healing Patiently is written for those who are on GAPS, it can be very helpful for people on any kind of healing diet. The practical tips, mindset chapters, batch cooking guide, and basic recipes will be useful no matter where you are in your healing journey.

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