Easy Fat Loss Routine

So you want to find an easy fat loss routine? One you can do at home? 

Easy Fat Loss Routine | T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus

One that is quick, and maybe works well at a beginner level of fitness or coordination? Great! I’ve got just the workout for you!

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T-Tapp’s Basic Workout Plus is a wonderfully simple fat loss routine to use. I have used it myself, and have been, well, astonished at how well it can work!

It is sold as a DVD, and includes both a regular version of the workout, which is 15 minutes long, and a slightly longer instructional version. The instructional workout is a key reason that this is such an easy fat loss routine.

In the instructional workout, Teresa Tapp talks you through each move in the workout, to help insure that you use it with the correct form. If you find it easy to learn new workout moves, you will only need to use it a few times before you will move on to the regular workout.

If you are one that finds it more challenging to follow along, you can keep using the instructional workout for much longer. You will get as much (or more) benefit from the instructional workout as the regular version, so you will never be “behind.” And since you will use it at home, no one else has to know how many times you use the instructional workout before you feel you can move on! 

Tips for Success:

  • Be sure to take your measurements before your first workout. You can weigh yourself, too, if you like. Then take them again, weekly, to track your progress. The tape measure will often clue you in to your fat loss before you will see it on your scale or in the mirror.
  • Set goals that are based on things over which you have the most control. So instead of telling yourself “I’m going to lose “x” amount of inches off of my arms" or any other specific place, plan instead how many times you will work out in the next 7 days. Remember that the health benefits you will get from your workout are more important than looking slimmer. Then, before you take your measurements, you will already know if you have met your goal or not. And any inch loss you discover after meeting your goal of how many times you workout will be extra encouragement!
  • Set yourself up for success! If you want to work out six days in a row, but have a busy week planned, set a realistic goal. Maybe plan to do 3 or 4 workouts. You can always add 2 more, and feel like you have had some extra success!

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