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You love to read books about health. You constantly want to find new books to read, to learn more. You want to find books that will help improve your health and your lifestyle. This is the page for you!

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Books about health for special diets

Before you read down this list and try some of the titles listed below, I'd like to strongly encourage you to get some free ebooks by an engineer named Grant Generoux, and make time to read them.

It may sound strange to recommend his books, as he is not a health professional, but he has a keen mind and through his own trials with autoimmune issues has uncovered some fascinating information, and come up with a plausible new theory about the cause of all autoimmune conditions that I think makes sense.

It makes so much sense that I've radically changed my diet based upon his ideas, and as of my first 6 months eating this new way, have had incredibly good results. Much better than when I was on the GAPS Diet and Autoimmune Paleo Diet, though I do enjoy many of the recipes from those diets that mesh with my new way of eating.

Books about Intermittent Fasting

Jennifer Dage's book about Intermittent Fasting for women is a wonderful, brief read. It answers all basic questions about who should (and should not) try intermittent fasting, why to do it, and how. 

If you're a woman wondering if IF might be for you, you'll definitely want to check out her book.

Gluten Free Diet Books

Wheat Belly contains a lot of eye-opening information about health problems that may be caused by modern wheat and excess gluten. You can read my full review of the book here, and check it out on Amazon here.

Paleo Diet Cookbooks

  • Paleo Eats has a decadent paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe, plus many other delicious Paleo recipes. It's especially great if you have a sweet tooth!

GAPS Diet Books & Cookbooks

  • The GAPS Diet was my go-to diet & a favorite of my books about health for the past several years. Unfortunately, after learning that I have likely consumed all the carotenoids and retinoids my liver can store, I have realized that the high vitamin A foods encouraged on this diet has probably caused me some harm. I now think it's the reason I've had to start over on the intro phase so many times. Now that I've changed to a low retinoid diet (aka the Vitamin A detox diet), my gut has finally seemed to heal and I am now able to eat many foods that I just could not handle on the GAPS Diet. 
  • What Can I Eat Now? is a fantastic book for those who are determined to make a go of the GAPS Diet. It is a very difficult diet to put into practice, and this ebook makes the process much easier.
  • Healing Patiently is another book written about the GAPS Diet that I found helpful with mindset when on it.
  • Baking with Coconut Flour can be used on the GAPS Diet, SCD diet, Paleo Diet, and Gluten Free Diet. Baking with coconut flour is tricky, it is definitely helpful to have a guide like this that is very thorough, full of great recipes, tips and tricks. It even helps you learn how to convert your favorite conventionally made baked recipes into coconut flour recipes.

Other Books about Health

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