Frozen Fruit Smoothie for Weight Loss with Mixed Berries

Why make a frozen fruit smoothie for weight lossWeight loss smoothies can be very filling and satisfying. They look, taste, and feel like a treat.

They are a treat!

And this version with mixed berries helps keep you from feeling deprived while you’re striving to lose weight.

Frozen fruit smoothie for weight loss in a ball jar, with some lemon leaves in the background.

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Can you lose weight drinking fruit smoothies?

Yes, if your smoothie ingredients are in line with a good weight loss plan. Most weight loss smoothies are low in carbohydrates, but some might have a moderate amount of carbs.

This smoothie fits in the low-carb category, using mixed berries and a no-carb sweetener.

Can fruit smoothies make you lose weight?

I'm not sure make is the right word here. But can fruit smoothies help you lose weight? 

Yes. If their ingredients fit with a reasonable overall weight loss plan, or a good smoothie program for weight loss, they can certainly help you lose weight.

Natural fruit smoothies for weight loss

One benefit of the ingredients in this smoothie is that natural ingredients are less likely to be metabolic disruptors. Such disruptors may cause inflammation, and inflammation is something that will make it tough for your body to let go of excess weight, even if you seem to be doing "everything right."

Organic Fruit Smoothies for Weight Loss

When choosing ingredients for your smoothies, it's best to go organic.

What is a Frozen Fruit Smoothie for Weight Loss?

What is a frozen fruit smoothie for weight loss? In this case, it’s a simple low-carb smoothie with mixed berries.

Breakfast Smoothies for Busy People?

Yes, and more!

When should you make a smoothie like this? You can have it for:

  • breakfast, 
  • lunch, 
  • dinner, 
  • dessert, or 
  • a snack. 

It’s very flexible, the choice is yours.

I most often make mine for breakfast or a first meal of the day at lunch when intermittent fasting.

You could drink the whole thing at once, or drink half with other foods, and save the other half for a ready-made dessert or snack later in the day.

Frozen fruit smoothie for weight loss in a ball jar, with some lemon leaves in the background.

Who should make a smoothie like this? If you love creamy delicious drinks and want to lose weight, this is for you. If you like a less-sweet taste in a smoothie, the mixed berry ingredients in this are definitely sweet, but not too sweet. 

Where can you make a smoothie like this? At home in your kitchen is the obvious answer. But you can pre-make it and bring it with you when you’re on the go. The cold temperature from the frozen berries will help it to stay cool as you wait to drink it.

How to make a frozen fruit smoothie for weight loss? Most of the ingredients are easy to find at a local grocery store. So you should be able to easily make this soon.

Other frozen smoothie recipes for weight loss

Frozen Fruit Smoothie for Weight Loss with Mixed Berries


1 cup of unsweetened, additive-free almond milk--either homemade Vitamix almond milk or store-bought

1 cup of ice or hot water, depending on the temperature you want your smoothie to be

1 cup of frozen mixed berries, preferably low-carb berries like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries

liquid stevia drops to taste, or 1/2 ripe banana or another sweetener you prefer or that fits your way of eating

a pinch of white sea salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, optional

2-4 tablespoons collagen, optional (adds protein and a bit of creamy texture, in my opinion)

1. Gather your ingredients. If you're using warm water (I like to use warm water in winter, and ice cubes in summer) warm it in a saucepan to prepare it.

2. Add all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high till creamy. If using a Vitamix, use the tamper to help stir the ingredients thoroughly. If using a regular blender, stop and stir with a long wooden spoon if necessary. 

3. Taste and adjust ingredients to achieve desired flavor (I sometimes add just a bit more salt to bring out the sweetness, but obviously don't add too much!).

Pour into a large glass and enjoy!