Health and Fitness Printables

I have created a number of health and fitness printables to help you succeed on your fitness journey. They are designed to equip you and motivate you to stay consistent and help you get back on track when necessary.

Until now, I've had them scattered around my site. This is the place to come to to find them now!

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Printable Body Measurement Chart

The most popular printable you'll find here at Wellness and Workouts is this printable body measurement chart. It is specifically designed for women, and can be a huge motivator to keep going, especially when your scale happens to lie to you!

Printable Weight Loss Tracker - Jar Coloring Page

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75 Soft Challenge Checklist

Many people are taking on 75 Day Challenges lately--the Hard 75 Challenge, the Medium 75 Challenge, and the Soft 75 Challenge.

I've designed my 75 Soft Challenge Checklist to help you reach your greatest level of success as you go on your fitness journey.

Printable Recipe Binder Coloring Page Kit

One of the best ways to improve your health is to cook from scratch. Most convenience foods and processed foods today contain chemicals that are metabolic disruptors.

What this means is that it can be very difficult if not impossible for many of us to succeed with our health goals, especially weight loss, unless we learn to cook our own foods at home.

So why not give yourself the gift of a cute recipe binder in which to store your healthy recipes as you collect them?

This recipe binder kit has coloring page borders, so it will look great and match your favorite colors or your kitchen decor--and it won't use up lots of printer ink like other cute printables may.

Printable Food Tracker

I created this printable food tracker as a simple way to record what you've been eating. It's very helpful to use along with the printable body measurement chart to see which foods you ate during the times you had success, to encourage you to keep eating that way. (Or to see which foods may have contributed to a lack of success, as well). It is currently available free of charge in my shop.

Weekly Menu Planner

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Printable Weekly Workout Log

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