Quick Workouts for Busy Moms

If there has ever been a group of people who need quick workouts, it is today's busy moms. There are a lot of quick options available today, fortunately. Here is a list of some of the best quick home workouts available:

quick workouts for busy moms

10 Minute Workouts


Cellercise with Jessica Rebounder Exercises

Cellercise with Jessica will let you experience mini trampoline benefits first hand. It is an excellent beginner level collection of rebounder exercises. It is a great, quick way to strengthen your immune system, and increase your wellness. It is available through a low-cost monthly subscription at the Cellercise website. Other quick workouts are available there, too. Rebounder benefits are amazing.

Kettlebell Workouts with Lauren Brooks

Kettlebell Workouts

Lauren Brooks, of On-the-Edge Fitness, has put together a terrific, quick, workout called Quick Full Body Fat Blast that is about 10 minutes long. It is on her DVD entitled The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells.

It packs some of the best kettlebell exercises into a very quick time frame. It is a very good, but serious entry level kettlebell program. Once you master this shorter workout, Lauren Brooks challenges you to do it twice, making it a 20 minute workout!

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15 Minute Workout

T Tapp Basic Workout Plus

T Tapp Basic Workout Plus

T Tapp Basic Workout Plus is a very quick, effective fat-loss workout, that takes only 15 minutes. This is one that helped me with losing baby fat. I have had excellent results with this program and highly recommend it. If you are also interested in the longer T Tapp Total Workout, this workout is included.

20 Minute Workouts

20 minute workout

T-Tapp More Rehab Workout Level 1

T-Tapp More Rehab Workout Level 1 has got to be one of the best quick 20 minute workout routines. It is similar to T-Tapp Basic Plus, but modified to be a little easier for those with "more to lose or more candles on the cake." The five extra minutes that it adds over the Basic Plus make it a little more comprehensive. 

30 Minute Workouts

Kettlebell Training

Firepower Kettlebell Workouts

Looking for some more challenging, muscle-building workouts? Try "Firepower," by Anthony Diluglio of Art of Strength. Like the name suggests, it is actually designed to help firefighters develop job-specific strength. But it also happens to be a terrific quick workout for moms, in my opinion.

T-Tapp More Level 1, From my Home to Your Home

Teresa Tapp's "More Workout"

T-Tapp More Level 1, From my Home to Your Home is a longer version of the 20 minute More program I told you about, above. If you have tried some of Teresa Tapp's other programs and want to change up your regimen a little, don't miss her From My Home to Your Home version of More.This is an excellent next step for those who have experience with the shorter More workout, or T-Tapp Basic Plus. It is also great for those who like the T-Tapp Total Workout, but have less time to exercise. At 27 minutes in length, it is quick, yet covers a good range of exercises without taking a whole lot of time.

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