How to Make a Smoothie -- Twelve Enticing Ways!

How to make a smoothie? A smoothie is one of the fastest and easiest foods to make. (That's one reason so many people like to make weight loss smoothies.)

 In most cases, making a great smoothie is just a matter of finding a really good recipe that fits your taste and health requirements. Then, add the ingredients in a blender or Vita Mix, (I love my Vita Mix!) and blend. To help you get started, I’ve assembled this list of smoothie recipes from some of my favorite friends who blog.

I’ve included links to each of their recipes, and categorized them by whether they contain dairy or not, to help you find the best ones for you.

So here are some recipes to help you learn how to make a smoothie:

How to make a smoothie? Here are more than 12 terrific ways! Easy recipes with frozen fruit, green smoothies, low-carb for weight loss, with almond or coconut milk. #smoothierecipes #healthysmoothies

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Non Dairy Smoothies (9 Recipes)

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe--GAPS/SCD

Strawberry banana smoothie recipes are one of the most popular types of smoothies that people search for online. And it is no wonder! It is a classic flavor combination, and I think it is yummier than ever with a coconut milk base!

Cherry/Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Recipes--GAPS/SCD/Trim Healthy Mama [S] or [S-Helper]

This basic recipe, and variations of it on this page, are some of our family's tried and true smoothie recipes. It is not only free of refined sugars, if you make it with enough berries, it can be made with as few as three ingredients! It is one of the best recipes to use when you are just learning how to make a smoothie. Check out these coconut smoothie recipes!

This recipe is from Debbie at Walking in Light. It is dairy free.

Peaches & Cream Smoothie--THM [E]

When Debbie first created this recipe, the color was not quite as "peachy" as she would have liked. Click through to learn the secret, healthy "food coloring" she used to give her peaches & cream smoothie more color!

Tropical Paradise Smoothie

Do you like tropical flavors? If so, this is the smoothie recipe for you! Dawn from Small Footprint Family has a fun little story of how she created this smoothie. Click through to learn how you can make this tropical fruit smoothie recipe yourself!

Shake to Go--GAPS/SCD

Jill from Real Food Forager is not your everyday run-of-the-mill blogger. She is a Clinical Nutritionist/Chiropractor with a  specialty in healing diets such as SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) as well as Paleo and Primal. 

She travels the world a fair amount, and sometimes has trouble finding the most basic smoothie ingredients. Click through to read how she has found a way to have smoothies every day, no matter where her travels take her, with her ingenious shake to go method.

Thai Zinger Smoothie

The Savory Lotus blogger Katja is another world traveler. I enjoyed reading about her upbringing and how she was inspired to formulate this recipe. If you like Thai flavors, this might just be the recipe for you. Click here now to try her Thai Zinger Smoothie!

When I read the testimonials page for Louise's Loula Natural website, I was impressed with how much she has helped people with their health. She was generous enough to share these three non dairy smoothie recipes.                                                                                                   

Morning Smoothie--Non Dairy, Includes Grains

Click through to read how Louise packs lots of nutrients into these morning smoothies for her family.

Pumpkin Smoothie--Non Dairy, Includes Grains

Here is another variation of Loula Natural's morning smoothie--the pumpkin smoothie!

How to Make a Green Smoothie

For those who need less structure than the usual recipe provides, here is a how to make a smoothie strategy for creating your own nourishing green smoothie recipes. The name is a mouthful: the "Its not easy being green till you know how" smoothie!

Smoothie Recipes that Contain Dairy (3 Recipes)

Probiotic Rich Blueberry Banana Kefir Smoothie with Avocado!

Katie from Girl Meets Nourishment has created this probiotic rich smoothie full of wholesome, healing ingredients. Click through to learn how she is using the probiotics in this recipe to help heal her gut and clear her skin of eczema.

Probiotic Smoothie Popsicles

Sara from Homemade Eden (formerly "A Joyful Mother") has come up with a fun way to serve smoothies and probiotics to children--probiotic smoothie popsicles! Click through to read how she does it!

Debbie of Walking in Light and I go way back. I met her right after my mom brought her home as a baby from the hospital. We've been friends ever since! She is a wife, mom, and award-winning professional photographer in southern California who has just started branching out with her photography skills into blogging.

She is eating according to the Trim Healthy Mama food plan, and both of these recipes are tailor-made for that program.

Blueberry "Jelly Bean" Milkshake--THM [S]

Yes, it is called a Blueberry Jellybean Shake, but in my book, it is a smoothie. And don't worry, it does not contain any refined sugar or candy. It just may taste like it, though! Click through to learn how it got this name.

How to Make a Smoothie--Conclusion

Well, as you can see from these twelve recipes, it can be easy to learn how to make a smoothie. Which ones do you want to try first? Please leave a comment, below, and let me know! And be sure to visit our Facebook pages, and say "hello" or leave comments there! We want to hear from you!

How to make a smoothie? Here are more than 12 terrific ways! Easy recipes with frozen fruit, green smoothies, low-carb for weight loss, with almond or coconut milk. #smoothierecipes #healthysmoothies

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