Memorize Bible Verses

Who should memorize Bible verses? We all should. But as moms, when we do this, the benefits are multiplied into the lives of our husband and children, even future generations.

memorize bible verses psalm 119:11

Reasons to memorize

There are so many benefits to memorizing God’s word. Too many to name specifically in this short article. When we memorize Bible verses, we instill ultimate truth into our minds and hearts. This allows us to meditate in the most powerful way possible. When we meditate on the truth of God’s word, it transforms our minds, our hearts, and our lives. 

When to memorize

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to memorize verses. Just a few minutes, every day, can allow you to learn quite a lot. And once we’ve got those words in our hearts, we can meditate on them any time. Bedtime is an excellent time for this. Especially if you tend to have anxious thoughts as your are going to bed. Use the verses you have memorized to drown out your negative, anxious thoughts. 

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How to memorize Scripture

There are many good ways to do this. Here are a few of the methods I have used at different times.

Individual method

I used this most before I had children.

First, select a verse. Break it into short phrases, that are easy to repeat and remember short-term. Read the first phrase aloud 3 times. Cover the phrase, and repeat it aloud accurately (correctly, with no mistakes) three times in a row. Write the phrase word for word, perfectly, three times in a row, without looking. Repeat with each phrase in the verse for the day, till you can recite and copy it perfectly a few times. Then copy the verse on a small card, and carry it with you, to review and quiz yourself. The next day, review the verse, learn a new one, and keep going like this each day. Make a chart  listing each verse in the left column, and the dates across the top row. to help you remember to review the previous verses. It helps you keep organized, and also is motivating, seeing the chart fill up as you use it.

Learning verses with your children

  • The super-simple, lazy way. I discovered this method by accident. I usually used the method I outline, below. But one week, I was not feeling so great. So for 5 days in a row, I read a 5 verse Psalm out loud to my young children once per day. It was Psalm 100. That was it. No drills, no repetition, no practice. By the end of the week, my children surprised me, proudly reciting the entire passage for me. Could I recite it at that point? No. I need a lot more work to retain verses. So I don’t use this method on a regular basis. (You can also play recordings of scripture in their bedrooms at night as they go to sleep.)
  • Set the words from the Bible passage to a familiar song or hymn. Preferably one that is easy to sing without accompaniment, so you can practice it anytime.
  • Here is the one we use most: Teach a phrase at a time, say it together 10 times, then do the same with the next phrase. Then, join the two phrases, and practice them together 5 or 10 times. Keep repeating this for new verses each day, as you review the previous verses.

It is such a joy to memorize Bible verses together as a family. It is work, but the benefits are so wonderful. It is the kind of work that has life long, eternal benefits!

One evening, after a long afternoon of errands, my children and I were driving home. We were all very tired. We were just kind of enduring the rest of the drive home. The car was facing west. 

The sun was setting. The sky before us was purple and orange, with streams of gold rays. I asked my children, “what Bible passage does the sunset make you think of?” “Psalm 19,” a few said right away. So we all said Psalm 19 together, and as a new sweetness and energy swept through us all. 

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