Daily Exercise Routine

I was sick the first week of this year... but I'm back to my daily exercise again!

I am the type of person who needs a daily exercise routine to keep on track with my workout program. There are a few reasons for this. 

When I have tried to exercise every other day or less often, I have a vastly different pattern to my schedule every other day. Guess which schedule I tend to favor? The one where I change into my workout clothes, pop in a workout DVD, and start moving? Or the one that skips all these things, and gets right to "getting things done?" Yeah, the second one. Sad, but true.

With a workout everyday, I am far more likely to keep consistent with my workouts.

Weight Loss and Sleep

My Sleep Number Mattress Helps Me Sleep Well.

When I work out every day, I find I sleep better at night. Much better. I feel more tired each night, around bedtime. It is a good thing to be tired at bedtime! Once in bed, I seem to fall asleep faster. Stay asleep better. And in case I do wake up in the middle of the night, I usually fall back to sleep more easily.

Sleep doctors have observed that when their sleep deprived patients start to sleep better at night on a regular basis, they often lose weight without dieting. Set yourself up for success with your fat loss, and do what you can to sleep long enough, and well enough, each night.

It Helps Me Keep Burning Fat Fast

When I exercise daily, I find I am much more encouraged to keep going long term. One of my biggest motivators to keep working out consistently is my weekly weight and measurement time. I weigh myself on a scale each Saturday morning, early, on an empty stomach. Then I take my measurements, and check my body fat percentage. When I am using the best fat loss workouts, I always see at least some improvement in one or all of these areas. Burning fat fast is extremely motivating!

How to Set Up a Daily Exercise Routine

Teresa Tapp's Total Workout is Great for Fat Loss!

There are a few ways to do this, depending on which workout programs you use.

If you are using T-Tapp workouts, you can do a T Tapp boot camp. The first four to fourteen days, you will do your chosen workout every day. Then, when you start spacing your T Tapp workouts a day or more apart, you can go for walks or health bounce on a rebounder on your off-days.

Lately, I've been doing kettlebell workouts every other day. On my off days, I am using a T Tapp workout that is about the same length as the Kettlebell workout. That way, my daily routine flows along at the same pace no matter which day I am on in my rotation.

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