Vita-mix Blender Review & Giveaway!

Vitamix Review

I have used a fair number of blenders in my time. The Vita-mix blender is my favorite, by far. Besides making lots of smoothies, I really enjoy making Vitamix almond milk. It's easy and delicious!

vita-mix blender

Enter Now!

We have had one now for several years. It is so much stronger than our previous blenders, the difference is huge! Keep reading, and watch the video, below, to learn more.

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Who Sells Them?, Costco, and, for Starters

We purchased our Vitamix blender from the website a few years ago, and have been very happy with it. Since then, it seems to have become a regular part of the Costco product line. If you have a Costco membership, they often have sales demonstrations where you can ask questions and see the blender in use. 

Another place that I love to check out before I make a purchase decision, especially for a big-ticket item, is You can learn a great deal about the Vita-mix blender from reading the reviews there. Look them up, here!

Vitamix Parts

One of the things I love about Vitamix is their excellent customer service. I have, um, accidentally used the tamper without the lid a time or two. I was certain I would keep it up out of the blades. I was wrong. (Sheepish grin). But the company made it easy and even pleasant to get a new tamper each time. I don’t use the tamper without the lid anymore. Not ever. As great as the company was to deal with, the few days it took for the tamper to arrive in the mail felt like f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I learned my lesson.

Vitamix Recipes

There are many more kinds of foods you can make in a Vitamix blender than in a conventional blender. You can make soups without a cooktop, pot or oven. You can blend greens into smoothies, and they are chopped so finely, your family might not suspect any spinach, lettuce or kale is in their sweet drink! 

My favorite type of Vita-mix recipes are smoothie recipes. The Vita-mix chops ice cubes, frozen bananas and frozen berries with ease. In fact, one of my very favorite recipes is banana ice cream. It takes only one ingredient. Chunks of frozen bananas, pureed in the Vitamix. It is wonderful!

Here are some of my nondairy smoothie recipes that I use a lot:

There are a wider variety of smoothie recipes at how to make a smoothie, plus how to make coconut milk.

Other recipes that came with my Vita-mix.

Recipes for: 

  • dips
  • salsa
  • spreads
  • whole food juices
  • shakes
  • milk substitutes
  • coffee drinks
  • cocktails
  • kid’s drinks
  • soup recipes
  • sauces
  • fondues
  • salad dressings
  • syrups
  • pancake batter
  • muffin batter
  • crepes
  • waffle batter
  • pureed foods 
  • frozen desserts
  • puddings
  • baked desserts

Vitamix Giveaway!

I am SO Excited to be able to offer you the chance to win a Vita-mix blender of your very own this month! From September 1-14, 2013, several other blogger friends and I are running a giveaway of one Vitamix blender. Entering is easy, just use the Rafflecopter form, below!

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Hurry! This giveaway ends September 14th! Best wishes on winning! :) -Eileen

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