The Best Exercise for Fat Loss

You're sure you’ve been using the best exercise for fat loss—maybe cardio, maybe weights, perhaps both--but you’re still not getting results. 

You’ve been doing all the “right” things, according to the experts. 

You’re spending two hours a day at the gym, five or more days a week, while watching what you eat, and you’re really not losing weight.

What type of exercise increases fat loss? How to reduce body fat for women? Want to know how to lose body fat for women at home? Here is the best exercise for fat loss, in my 11+ year experience w/it.

You've tried so hard to do everything right...

You still have kids at home, and want to not only have the energy to enjoy them (and be in a good mood for them) right now, but you really want to be healthy, strong, and alive when they grow up, too.

You want to be a good example to them and others in your life. You care about the quality of the foods you eat, and want to LOOK like you eat healthfully, too!

Then there are your hormones. Symptoms of peri-menopause can start as early as age 35. Your body may be upgrading to the next season in life, but those estrogen surges have you on a temperature rollercoaster—you never know if you’ll need a heavy sweater or wish you could strip down further than is socially acceptable.

I hear ya. I know, it really stinks. It seems like nothing will work!

You’re an intelligent woman, and you know that doing all the “right” things that used to work to lose weight before you had kids just aren’t working anymore. You’ve been focused and determined, but you know you’ve got to do something differently.

But what?!

You need the Best Exercise for Fat Loss

Along with your healthy eating habits, you need a workout that will help:

• give faster inch loss results

• give you energy, instead of draining it from you

• help reduce or eliminate hormonal fluctuations, and

• take less time!

What you need is the T-Tapp Total Workout. I truly have found it to be the best exercise for fat loss. What is the T-Tapp Total Workout?

According to the T-Tapp website, “T-Tapp is a series of movement designed to put the body in proper functional alignment, restore metabolic function and stands on its own as a complete workout as well as enhancing the effectiveness of ALL of your workouts...” It uses “comprehensive, compound muscle movement” to quickly reshape your body. T-Tapp workouts incorporate moves from Pilates, yoga, Tai-Chi, dance, isometrics and Alexander, but it is its own workout.”

What make T-Tapp workouts so effective?

Unlike most other programs that bill themselves as the best exercise for fat loss, the T-Tapp Total Workout works because:

• it helps your muscles work smarter—you can see results with as little as a 15 minute workout per day, in even just one week.

• it does not increase inflammation in the body, as many other traditional workouts do. It can actually help decrease inflammation (Inflammation can be a huge enemy of fat loss).

• it utilizes moves that twist the spine, and work the muscles that attach to the spine, which helps to increase glucose metabolism.

What the T-Tapp Total Workout is Not:

• It is not high-impact—it is gentle on your joints and your whole body

• It is NOT as easy as it looks—you will be surprised at how it feels when you try it!

Is T-Tapp right for you?

How can you be sure the T-Tapp Total Workout System is right for you? Let me give you a little more information.

The first T-Tapp workout I bought, the T-Tapp Total System, is what I highly recommend.

It comes with the T-Tapp Total workout on DVD, plus the CRT Cellulite Removal & Skin Tightening System. Sounds kind of mysterious, eh?

Let me explain what it all means...

The Total Workout, in addition to the main version of the Total Workout, also comes with two instructional workouts in which Teresa Tapp, the creator of T-Tapp workouts, gives a detailed demonstration of how to do every exercise in the Total Workout with correct form.

Also, it comes with a shorter, 15 minute workout included called the T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus.

When your package arrives, you will want to use these instructional videos first, as many days as you need to, to learn how to do the workout with the right form. To get good results, correct form is crucial!

The two other workouts on the discs, The Basic Workout Plus and Total Workout are done at a normal, faster pace, so it won’t take you as long to fit in your workouts once you know what you’re doing.

The full-length, regular paced Total Workout is about 50 minutes long.

The Basic Workout Plus is more-or-less the first 15 minutes of the Total Workout, but is designed to be a complete mini-workout on it’s own.

Is this ok for beginners?

If you are new to working out, or have been sedentary many years, the T-Tapp Total System is likely the best exercise for fat loss for you to begin with, too. The T-Tapp Total Workout, in most cases, is great for beginners or those who have been sedentary, because you can start out with the 15 minute version of the workout (The Basic Workout Plus) and grow into the full length Total Workout with time.

In my case, I had been pretty sedentary through my six full-term pregnancies due to extreme fatigue and lower back pain. Despite how out of shape and overweight I was at the time (well into the 30%+ range of body fat at that time) I was able to start off with the instructional video for the 15 minute Basic Workout Plus (part of the Total System package) without too much difficulty.

What about experienced athletes?

But even if you are in good shape or are more athletic, you will be surprised how effective the T-Tapp Total Workout can be. It definitely looks easier than most people find it to be, once they try it. Even for those who are already working out a lot, it is still the best exercise for fat loss.

What if I'm more overweight than average?

If you have an especially high percentage of body fat or are in your more mature years, you might consider starting with the T-Tapp More workout, instead. You can read about my experience with the More workout here. In any case, I believe you will also find it to be the best exercise for fat loss for you.

I took detailed records of my inch-loss results

I took detailed records of my exact workouts and how my measurements changed during my first 9 or 10 months of using T-Tapp.

You can get a copy of those results when you purchase a T-Tapp workout through one of my referral links. After you make your purchase, forward a copy of your receipt with the order number to wellnessandworkouts at gmail dot com, and I will email you a coupon code to get my results report at no cost, within 3 business days.

The skin brush and supplements that come in the CRT Cellulite Removal & Skin Tightening System have three main benefits. Regular skin brushing, along with the special supplements in the kit can:

• help reduce or eliminate cellulite

• help stimulate your lymphatic system and enhance detoxification and

• help tighten your skin as you slim down.

Want more information about T-Tapp?

You can learn more about the T-Tapp Total System by reading my T-Tapp story. 

If you would like to try some sample T-Tapp exercises, I have a page with some sample “try before you buy” exercises.

Ready to transform your body and your life? Get the Total System now.


What type of exercise increases fat loss? How to reduce body fat for women? Want to know how to lose body fat for women at home? Here is the best exercise for fat loss, in my 11+ year experience w/it.
What type of exercise increases fat loss? How to reduce body fat for women? Want to know how to lose body fat for women at home? Here is the best exercise for fat loss, in my 11+ year experience w/it.

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