Down Body Pillow

I love my down body pillow! 

One of the problems I faced during my first pregnancy, back in 1995, was lower back pain. The main cause of this pain during pregnancy seemed to be caused by weak core muscles. But if your back does not stay in a healthy position during the night, that can cause additional back problems that are completely unnecessary.

I was fortunate that some simple core exercises, combined with the use of a good body pillow were enough to keep my lower back feeling much better during that pregnancy, and later ones.

During pregnancy, I used the body pillow to support my upper leg, which helped support my back. It also helped to support my growing belly. 

Now, I use it both to support my upper leg still, and to hug with my arms.  It helps me feel so comfortable when I sleep, I never go anywhere overnight without it. 

If you read my Sleep Number Bed story, you know my husband and I purchased a sleep number air bed back in 1995. We still enjoy it today. Right after we received our bed, we went back to try out their pillows. 

My husband tried, and liked, their Select Comfort pillow for his head. The one I tried, and absolutely loved was their body pillow, filled with down. While it has lost a few feathers over the years, it is still very fluffy and full. It seemed very expensive and luxurious to buy at the time, but now I can say it was worth every penny. 

We went back a few years later, to try to find the same kind of body pillow for my husband. Unfortunately, they had stopped carrying them. He ended up getting a cheap body pillow with synthetic fill from another store. It just was not the same as the down one, and we didn't keep it very long.

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