Sleep Number Air Bed

Is Sleep Number an Air Bed?

Yes! Yes it is.

Sleeping on a Sleep Number Air Bed has been one of the biggest things that has helped bring me peaceful sleep for the past 25 years.

sleep number air bed

Is a Sleep Number Air Bed Right for You?

If you are not comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep in your current bed, you might want to consider getting one, yourself. Getting a good night's sleep each night is one of the most important things you can do to lose weight. And to lose fat!

My Sleep Number Air Mattress Story

During my first pregnancy back in 1995 I was finding it difficult to sleep at night. One of the reasons was that I have a life-long habit of sleeping on my side. And when I read about sleep positions in my books and magazines about pregnancy, I learned that sleeping on my side, especially my left side, was the healthiest position to sleep in while pregnant.

The problem with sleeping on my side was that my hip would start to ache from all the pressure on it while in bed.

So my husband and I stopped in at the Sleep Number Bed Store to try out the mattresses there. (It was called Select Comfort back then, now it is called the Sleep Number Store).

Anyway, after trying the beds, and getting all our questions answered, we were sold. We ordered a great big pillow-top California king bed (yes, my husband is very tall).

Once the bed was delivered, I was so much more comfortable each night. With this kind of bed,  each person can adjust the mattress to just the right level of firmness. We were, and still are, happy with that.

But the thing about the bed that helped me most during that pregnancy, and my five later ones, was that I could quietly release air pressure from my side of the mattress during the night. This changed the pressure on my hip. It helped me avoid a lot of turning and tossing, and sleepless hours at night that would have been unavoidable otherwise. And with a down body pillow, I had the support I needed to keep my back feeling good.

If only they could invent a bed that would have allowed me to sleep through all the healthy, crazy movement inside me from my active babies later in pregnancy!

Update: last year, my husband wanted to get an adjustable bed. After comparing Sleep Number adjustable beds with other high quality competitors, we decided to go with another Sleep Number Air Bed, a split California king. 

So far, we are really happy with it!

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Who Sells Sleep Number Beds?

Note: Obviously, the best way to buy a new bed is to go and try them out in person. But it is good to research online, to make sure it is worth the trip to a Sleep Number Bed store.

When I first wrote this article, Amazon had Sleep Number Beds on their website, and you could read more about them there. In case they start to carry them again, you can search for them on Amazon. They do carry other similar products, too.