Workout Motivation

October 2013 Issue #3

Hello, and welcome to this edition of Workout Motivation. I’m excited that we both care about the topic of wellness and workouts. Thanks for joining me!

  1. Note from Eileen
  2. Ten Minute Workouts for this Busy Season
  3. November $400 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!
  4. Healthy Fall/Holiday Recipes

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1) Note from Eileen:

We are getting into that super-busy time of year for a lot of us right now. With lots of holiday activities in the works, and heavier clothing re-entering our wardrobes it can be tempting to put our good plans for healthy eating and exercise on the back burner. Now is a great time to try to remember some of our deeper, more important reasons for our focus on wellness. Like long term health, being an example to our children, and being a good influence on those around us.

2) Ten Minute Workouts for this Busy Season

Need a quick workout, one where you don't even need to change into your exercise clothing? Hop on a mini trampoline. Read more about the Cellercise workout pictured above, here.

Need a more vigorous, short workout? One that will have you break into a sweat? Check out this excellent, power-packed short workout by Lauren Brooks.

3) November $400 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway!

What could you do with an extra $400? What would you do?!

As my newsletter subscriber, I wanted to be sure you knew about my upcoming November Giveaway! Entering is easy. Just use the Rafflecopter widget on my sweepstakes and giveaways page. It will go live on November 4, 2013, and last for about two weeks. Be sure to stop by to enter for a chance to win!

4)  Healthy Fall/Holiday Recipes

Looking for a sweet fall treat that won't add the pounds? Try this baked pears recipe. It is an [E] on Trim Healthy Mama, and tastes so sweet and delicious!

Looking for some honey-sweetened, gluten free goodies this fall? Sweet treats you can serve without guilt? Try these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! They taste as good as they look. :)

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