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GAPS Diet Intro

I am back on the GAPS Diet intro again for the fourth time as of today. Our family has been on GAPS for a little over two years now, and have seen some definite healing from it. 

One thing you need to know before going on the GAPS Diet Intro...

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But one of the things you are supposed to do to heal on GAPS is to avoid stress. We have had some unavoidable, fairly major stress for a good deal of the last two years. It seems to have hit me a little harder than the rest of my family. But things have calmed down a little now. Phew. So here I am, back on the GAPS intro, hoping to heal and be done with GAPS in the next year. We'll see how that goes...

What Can I Eat Now?

That is a great question. It is answered in the GAPS Diet book, in the section on the GAPS intro. And my favorite place to find the answer to that question is the ebook by the same title: What Can I Eat Now? by Cara Comini.

This book is it! It is what I consider “the rest” of the GAPS Diet book. Seriously!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the GAPS Diet book. I think Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride has some genius-quality ideas about health and healing and nutrition. She is very wise, and very gifted, and has done so much to help a lot of people. But I have long wished that the GAPS book had a more user-friendly, take-you-by-the-hand format. And now that I own a copy of What Can I Eat Now, I feel like I have it!

For simplicity’s sake, What Can I Eat Now it is laid out as a 30 day menu plan. The author makes it clear that it can be used at a slower or faster pace, as needed.

This is the user-friendly, down to brass tacks information I so wanted my first two times through the GAPS Intro.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who is going on the GAPS intro. It is full of ideas and GAPS legal recipes I never would have thought of.

I have been on the GAPS intro three other times, now. The third time on it, I had access to this wonderful book and enjoyed the food I ate so much more--the difference was night and day!

Just reading some of the simple recipes makes my mouth water. And for the GAPS Intro, that is saying a lot!

It is very common that those of us who need to heal the most will feel the most lethargic once we start the GAPS diet intro. I don’t know about you, but when my body is tired, my ability to think and plan meals can suffer. “What Can I Eat Now” is written by a mom who has experience with planning, shopping and cooking for her child who was on the GAPS Diet Intro. She has read the GAPS book and figured out creative ways to eat with variety. She can tell you how to prepare and plan for a smoother time on the intro than you might have otherwise.

If you have any thoughts of trying the GAPS Diet Intro, I urge you to click to check it out now!

One thing you need to know before going on the GAPS Diet Intro...
One thing you need to know before going on the GAPS Diet Intro...

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