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Cellercise, on a Cellerciser

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The first of the 10 minute workouts I want to tell you about is Cellercise with Jessica.

It is ideal:

  • for use at home. It is one of my favorite home exercise workouts for rebounders. It is a streaming video that plays on your computer, web TV or similar device. You can access it when you become a member of Cellercise, on their website.

  • for beginners. It is also one of my favorite beginner workouts, especially for rebounders. It is strictly 10 minutes long, warm up and cool down included. The moves are easy and most moms who are new or newly returning to working out will find they can manage this workout with success.

  • for moms who are busy, and enjoy quick home workouts, this is one of the best 10 minute workouts I have found. No time is wasted driving to and from a gym.

  • when you feel sleepy, and need a little pick-me-up. If you don’t want a nap, or are trying to avoid caffeine in the afternoon, why not jump on your rebounder for a quick 10 minutes?

  • for an energetic start to your day. A much better, more natural way to wake up than caffeinated drinks!

  • when you are restless, or anxious, and want a natural way to calm down. A rebounder workout will get those endorphins (natural chemicals that make you feel good) flowing!

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Rebounder Benefits

Rebounder benefits are wonderful!

Why do rebounder workouts? To:

  • Increase lymphatic flow. This is an incredibly easy way to boost your immune system.

  • To energize your body!

  • To exercise every cell in your body.

  • To detoxify your body. All exercise stimulates lymphatic flow to some degree, but some do better than others. Rebounder workouts are one of, if not the best way, to get lymph moving through your body. This helps gently remove toxins.

How to begin:

Rebounder Exercise Equipment

My Needak Rebounder
  • Get a good quality rebounder. The one that the Cellercise site offers, the Cellerciser, looks like a terrific model. I have briefly tried a Cellerciser at a friend's house, and was very impressed. The rebounder I own is a Needak Soft Bounce. I love mine, and would buy it again. It has a much springier bounce than the kind you find in local discount stores.

    Whatever model you choose, avoid the stiff, cheap models at all cost. They can cause damage to your body. Better to avoid rebounding than skimp here and get hurt. You can learn more about both Needak rebounders, and other models, at Amazon. Click here to find reviews and details.

Cellercise with Jessica--Try it now, Free!

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