Feel Good about Candy Again!

Remember the carefree joy you had as a child about eating candy?

Maybe you're like me. Now that you're an adult, do you:

  • feel shame for eating too much candy?
  • feel like you're "not allowed" to eat it as an adult?
  • feel that there are NO yummy, healthy options?
  • get frustrated that most candy recipes use horrible ingredients?

I've felt those emotions too many times!

Food guilt stinks!
The crash after eating processed sugar can be brutal. And the cravings...

How many times have you told yourself:

  • store-bought candy rots my teeth
  • I hate that I'm allergic to the ingredients
  • store-bought candy contains chemicals known to create cravings for more
  • the candy at the stores can cause bad moods, even depression
  • I shouldn't have it, I won't be hungry for healthier foods
  • store bought candy contains anti-nutrients, which deplete needed vitamins or minerals from your body
  • it can lead to overeating, and obesity
  • and that it is really expensive, (calculate the price per ounce!) for something so destructive!

No matter how many times you tell these things to yourself, it’s always a no-win situation. Either you cave and buy the candy again, “just this once,” or you end up feeling deprived.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Did you know can actually learn to make your own candy at home? You can! And if you know how and when to eat your home made candy, you can avoid many of the pitfalls listed above? It’s true! 

For our family, we went very many years with very little candy of any kind. Because of all the bad things I knew, listed above. Because of my inability to handle what it did to my blood sugar, and my mood. And because of food sensitivities, too.

But I often felt deprived. 

I often told myself the lie, that eating processed foods was what “normal” people did, rather than realizing just because eating junk is typical, that does not make it truly normal.

“Normal” behavior should mean doing things that are good for you, things that are healthy. Like making an occasional treat from scratch, with healthy ingredients, at home!

While I had been making a lot of our foods from scratch for several years, when our family went on the GAPS Diet a few years ago, we eliminated virtually all processed foods from our diet. In order to “survive” and actually thrive while on GAPS, my children got in our kitchen and created a number of delicious recipes for home made candy.

I cannot tell you how much their creativity helped in sticking to our diet. We were able to adhere to it very well, and saw definite healing in all of our family members who most needed it. Having these healthy recipes for treats actually helped us achieve our dietary goals!

Candy you can finally feel good about!

Get our favorite healthy candy recipes!

How about knowing, when standing in line at the store, you could be coming home to:

  • delicious homemade caramels that melt in your mouth
  • sumptuous, silky dark chocolate candies
  • decadent, creamy white chocolate
  • light-as-air homemade marshmallow truffles
  • zingy peppermint patty-type candies
  • sweet-and-salty peanut butter cups
  • gooey, jelly filled chocolates, and more!

A Paleo/Primal

All sweetened naturally, with healthier, whole food ingredients that don’t cause the same intense cravings, if you know how and when to eat them!

Once you know how to make these delicious treats, you won’t have to feel sorry for yourself when you see the processed junk at the store. You might actually start to feel sorry for those who actually buy that junk, and feel glad that you don’t have to suffer with the ill health, cravings and expense of the store-bought candy habit anymore!

As an introductory special, we are offering a reduced price for our new ebook, “Healthy Homemade Candy.” So order your copy now, and get off the rollercoaster of guilt, deprivation and always telling yourself, “just this once!” 

Time for a treat!

Get all our healthy candy recipes, and have permission to eat candy whenever you want, for only 7.00, regularly $9.99.

Over 20 Recipes!

Included in Healthy Homemade Candy:

    Basic Candy Recipes

    Caramel Recipes

    Candies with Chocolate

    White Chocolate

    Peanut Butter Cups

    Marshmallow Truffles

    Peppermint Patties

    Jelly Filled Chocolates

      ...And more!

Healthy Homemade Candy includes mainly GAPS, Paleo, and other allergy sensitive recipes. All of the candy recipes are gluten Free and ready to be made by you!

Don't miss out--start your fun today!

Get all our healthy candy recipes, and have permission to eat candy whenever you want, for only 7.00, regularly $9.99.

Get all our healthy candy recipes, and have permission to eat candy whenever you want, for only 7.00, regularly $9.99.

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