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(Time Sensitive) Tired all the time? Wish you could still work out and slim down? Maybe you can!

May 20, 2015

Tired all the time? Wish you could still work out and slim down, and have more energy? Maybe you can!

I understand what it’s like to feel tired. Very tired.

In this fast paced world, it is frustrating to watch life move quickly, and feel that you can never catch up.

And those workouts you promised yourself you would do faithfully? They leave you drained and tired. And feeling defeated. It can be a downward, depressing, vicious cycle.

But there may be a simple solution...a workout created for those with chronic fatigue, called T-Tapp!

After I started having children, I noticed that many of the high intensity workouts I once enjoyed left me feeling tired and exhausted. I did not know what to do.

And after my sixth child, my lower back went out. I was in intense pain, and could barely more. That’s when I first tried T-Tapp.

The first thing I noticed was that I could get significant relief from my back pain with the simple 15 minute basic workout. And then, I realized that instead of feeling drained afterwards, I felt energized. It was wonderful!

And after faithfully using T-Tapp for a number of months, I found I lost quite a few inches, and went down a couple sizes.

So you could say I am a HUGE fan of T-Tapp workouts!

I personally LOVE the T-Tapp Total Workout. It includes the mini 15 minute workout that got me started, plus the longer Total Workout, which is what helped me lose inches.

I'm SO excited! All the T-Tapp products, including my favorite T-Tapp workout, the one I have:

~ used the most, 

~ that has helped me SO MUCH when I've had lower back pain,

~ that helped me go down a couple clothing sizes, without dieting,

~ that helps put me in a better mood for the day,
~ that helps me deal better with stress,

~ that has a short 15 minute version I can do, even when my energy is low... 


I'll say it again: EVERY T-Tapp Brand product today. They are ALL 35% off! Today Only, so Hurry! Use code “MAY19” to get your discount!

Click here to shop now!

My T-Tapp Story

Have you tried T-Tapp workouts yet? Please let me know how you love them!



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PS: I know this email is going out late--I had an emergency today that kept me from sending this sooner. Thanks for your patience! But I heard a couple months ago that these sales sometimes last till 8AM Eastern time, the following day. So just in case that is true, I wanted you to have a chance to take advantage of the sale. :)

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